Hey everyone,

A few years back I felt the desire to study what the Bible said about the end times taking into consideration the complete Bible from cover to cover. I began to read God’s Word and to take notes of anything that was said about the last days. It didn’t take me long to be amazed at some of the information that I was learning. There was so much that I had never even heard of before. One of the first things I noticed was written in Daniel 9:27. It says that there will be a peace treaty “with many”. What? I had always been taught that a peace treaty would be made with Israel, never once hearing that it would be “with many”.  I’m almost certain that Israel will be included among the “many” but it won’t be a treaty just with them.  I also had been told that the antichrist would take over the entire world, but not so according to Daniel 11:41.

This blog is intended to help anyone who wants to dig deeper into God’s Word. We will begin with a study of the end times, but later other subjects will be discussed. For many reasons, Christians sometimes shy away from studying the latter days. Three of the main excuses I have heard in the past are: “It’s too hard. I don’t understand it.”, “We should live for the day and not dwell on it. It will pan out like it is supposed to”, but the one that causes a lot of concern is, “We won’t be here during the times talked about in Revelation, so why should I study it?”. I can understand the first excuse somewhat but I hope this study will help with that. The second excuse is so unbiblical. Jesus tells us to watch for Him in Matthew 24:42, Matthew 25:13 and Luke 21:36, along with Revelation 16:15.  He reveals that His coming will be quick in Revelation 22:20. His first coming was recognized by two people because they were looking for the Messiah and anticipating seeing Him. Even as a baby they recognized who Jesus was. (Luke 2:25-39) We will definitely recognize Him when He returns again in all His glory, but there are things about the last days that we may not recognize and could possibly be deceived about if we do not study. We should be living in great anticipation and excitement of His return. Take Noah for example. He waited expectantly for what the Lord had revealed to him in Genesis 6:13-17, following every day an unprecedented command to build a humongous boat without knowing the exact date of the devastation to come. Even though Noah was unaware of the exact date of the flood, it is probable that he was in great anticipation waiting on it. In the same way, we should be ever watchful while doing what God is convicting us to do for Him. And now for the third excuse given above. It is imperative that the Word is studied from front cover to the back (yes, even Revelation), so we will be prepared and not be led astray when the time comes. No one is 100% sure of the exact sequence of events, as far as when we will be united with Jesus, but there is some clarification when the scriptures are studied as a whole. That is why I hope that you will participate in this adventure through the Bible. We will begin by exploring the different opinions of when we will be “gathered together unto Him”. (2 Thessalonians 2:2-KJV) I will be sharing the outlines I made during my investigation. The theories that will be presented for your consideration are the pre-tribulation theory, the mid-tribulation theory, the post-tribulation theory, and the pre-wrath theory. I think that you will see from this study that there are scriptures that could be used for just about all of them. It’s such a mystery. It entices me to study even more.

So grab your Bible, and let’s get started! Please comment at the bottom of each post and let me know your thoughts, but remember to be kind and courteous if other’s opinions are different from yours. Luckily, our belief as to when we will be united with Christ has nothing to do with our salvation. We are saved by grace and are allowed to have different opinions about some things. Let’s enjoy reading each other’s posts and agree to disagree if that is the case. As long as we have all accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we will be heaven together whenever that time comes. Hope to see you there!

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